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Credit Card

You can use Visa or Master payment online. We are using PayDollar Payment Gateway which is the biggest Payment Gateway in Hong Kong.

Remarks :

1. All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars.
2. All payments are in 1-Year basis.
3. Additional 5% services fee will be charged for credit card payment.
4. All payments are non-refundable.
5. The payment amount will pay to "Keynet Technology Company".
6. Before payment, please fill in the Application form.
7. Please remember to mark down the Payment Reference code during the payment process.
8. Please remember to fill in the Payment Notice after payment.
9. After your payment is verified, we will send you email about the account details.
10. If the following payment link is not applicable to the services you applied, please send us hk or call us at (852) 2111 0821.

Please fill in the Application form before make payment.